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Ongoing Classes

Ongoing Classes



Mens classes:

Join Rabbi Kievman for an inspiring Shiur on Ein Yaakov. 
The Shiur takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings  - 6:20am

Looking for an inspiring ParshaShiur?  Rabbi Kievman presents a topic of Chassidus every Thursday evening at 8:30pm.

Shabbos Morning is totally different with the 8am Chasidut class. 


Womens Classes:

Every Monday, ladies from all over Liverpool join together for a morning of inspiration, learning and growth as they explore thoughts and lessons from the Parsha.

Monday mornings, 10:15am

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Upcoming events
Oct. 19, 2017
Join us for a stimulating and entertaining class that might teach you stuff you never knew.
Oct. 21, 2017
Shabbos is a day dedicated to spirituality.
Start the day with a healthy dose of inspiration.
Oct. 22, 2017
Merseyside Amalgamated Talmud Torah Cheder MATT is a joint project of the Orthodox Hebrew Congregations of Liverpool. Boys and girls, aged 4+ are welcome to join. For further info, contact ...
Oct. 23, 2017